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"Coming Soon..."
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"One Button Battle Royale..."
Grab your bow and duel fellow archers to the death! (STEAM EDITION) PC/Mac

A quick fire 3rd-person multiplayer shooter! Jump in arenas, kill opponents, earn rewards to level up gear, unlock new items and customize your character and weapons.
VIP Bundle Available; Including 32 Exclusive Gun Skins, Alvin the Alien Head, Werewolf Hat, XP Booster, Kill Coin Booster, Early Access Weapons, 2500 Kill Coins! (WEB EDITION)

"It's Showtime! Run 'n Gun Fun!"
Quick fire, frenzied, 3rd-person shooter game!

"Run, Kick and Score to Win ..."
Fast-paced, frantic, bouncy soccer game!

"Explore, Expand and Exterminate in space ..."
Quick-thinking tactical space strategy domination game!

"Boost fast, race hard in 60 seconds ..."
High-speed drag car racing with loot rewards & customizable cars!


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